Orders And Enquiries

The Ultimate Resource For DFY List Building

Thank you for your interest in our DFY Solutions for list building.

If you have questions or would like to place an order, this is where to begin.

For an order… here’s what we need:

  1. Please give us a list of 3 preferred products from the catalog and the order 1 – 3 of preference (1 being the best). This is because once a product is secured by someone we will remove it from the catalog so that we make sure that you will have a unique product. We might not have been able to remove already taken products yet. 🙂

We will email you once we get your initial contact to let you know what products from your list are still available.

The Next Steps:

  1. We will send you the info for payment
  2. We will request that you let us know how you would like your product to be branded… i.e.: your pen name, given name logo etc.
  3. We will ask you how you’d like your URL to appear i.e.: http://yourgiftfrom.com/Your Name Here
  4. We will ask which type opt-in form you prefer a side by side with gift image or an updated style with just your button.
  5. We will ask you what offer you want your opt-in form to exit to… this goes on your Thank You Page (this is a good place for an affiliate offer)
  6. We will ask for your auto-responder logins either Get Response or Aweber. If you don’t already have a service we will show you how to get started. (Don’t worry we have been setting up emails for ourselves and clients for years AND you can change your password once our work is completed)
  7. We will begin work on your customized product, upload the finished product with customized image to our hosting for 1 year (this is extendable), set up your welcome email, optin form, optin page, thank you page and download page. (You don’t even need your own hosting account)
  8. Wa La… you are all set with a brand new Lead Magnet in 48 – 72 hours following payment… (weekends might be a bit longer)!